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clean and simple UI

Clean and Simple UI

With our clean and no non-sense UI, you can create and share your first test in few minutes.

Discussion forum

User Engagement

Discussion forum integrated with online exams and e-notes to engage the users with the coaching academies.

Mobile application

Android Application

White labelled android application enabling students to access the study materials and online exams on the go.

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Free Technical support

Testpress provides free technical support to learners of your coaching academy.


Core features of Testpress

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Online Assessment

As all the competetive exam goes online in India, it is important for learners to get practised in the exam environment. Testpress provides the most powerful online assessment tool with features like real exam templates, bulk MCQ uploader, discussion forums and more

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Sharing pdf / word document notes are the easy way but not the right way in this mobile world. Testpress's enotes is easier and simpler to publish than the e-book formats. Testpress's enotes can be securedly accessed from any web browser including mobile browsers.

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Integrated payment gateway

With Testpress, academies can easily package the enotes, online assessments and sell it to the learners outside your academy. Registration process is completely automated with testpress. Learners can register themselves, make payment and access the study materials.

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What Client’s Say

Trusted by leading coaching institutes in India

  • Testpress's Customer - Sadiq Kidas

    We have been working with Testpress since september 2013. We like the test platform because of the customer service, product simplicity and data reliability.

    Sadik Kidas, Smart Leaders IAS

  • Testpress's Customer - Manohrajan is very student friendly and problem free. Our online test series course has become more effective and efficient after started using Testpress. The team of Dinesh and Bharath is doing a Good Job.

    Dr Manohrajan, Director, Positive Med Pg

  • Testpress's Customer - Siva

    Our recruitment process is pretty massive given the number of applicants. We used to conduct paper based written tests for almost 400 at a time and the assessment process took the whole day out. Thankfully we met the awesome folks at Testpress. With Testpress, we were able to conduct exams for all at one place and were able to track results as and when the candidates walked out. Real-time recruitment experience. Thanks Testpress.

    Siva - Founder & Ceo, Powerupcloud Technologies

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